Velvet Anyone?

Who says a material, be it latex, rubber, lace or velvet can’t make the difference in a fashion retailer’s bottom line? They make a difference in our lives, right?

UK retailer Zara reports a whopping lucrative year, lots of which is attributed to what they carry, velvet wardrobe pieces being some of the most sought after of their wares. Even though 80-year Amancio Ortega is not the actual head of operations at the business any longer, he still has lots of influence over the day-to-day of what is sold. Evidently, his choices of wardrobe-and what that wardrobe is made out of- is working wonders for his brand.

Here at Dawnamatrix we live for the unlimited possibility of textile art and how it relates to alternative couture. Zara doesn’t sport anything as naughty as a velvet catsuit, one probably wouldn’t be combing the site for a cosplay outfit or fetish gear specifically (although who can say how someone might come to use velvet?). But it is important to note, that just as we have seen with latex, there is a strong market for materials slightly to the left of what is commonly used in everyday couture, and not just for video stars or for Lady Gaga checking out her local deli counter.

And really, any material, even good old cotton, can be used in costume design or for a fetish event, if the wearer has the imagination and inclination to see his or her art above and beyond the pale. That’s truly what this is all about, from Ortega ordering what he does to our attempts to infuse Japanese culture into our latex designs with our kimono collection, for it is in the eye, imagination and desire of the beholder to make the stuff of dreams from anything they so desire.

Here’s to dreaming for the holidays and into the New Year and a congrats to Zara for keeping velvet alive in our hearts and minds.

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