What ISN’T He Wearing; Robin, The Boy Wonder, Is Truly A Wonder In “Grayson”

thQuite often here you have read our descriptions and lustful pontificating on the superheroes we seem to be encountering now every summer. Even the novice latex aficionado can’t help but notice the sexiness of Scarlett Johannsson in her Black Widow Cat suit (in the new Avengers: The Age Of Ultron it even lights up!) or thrill to the noir-ims of hats, latex outfits (which we had a hand in, see here) or Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Fish Mooney”’s outfits on Fox’s “Gotham.” Fans of wearing, dreaming of or building fantasy wardrobes (of which accessories like https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories/classic-thigh-highs/ or https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories/drape-sleeves-2/ add to homemade costumes perfectly) don’t let these modern day T.V./movie even comic-book reveals go unnoticed. But have you seen what’s going on with Robin’s costume lately…or should we say, what’s NOT going on him?

The monthly “Grayson” series, which will see its first-ever collection appear next month, is a decidedly up-to-date take on Robin. Featuring out-of-the-way locales, sexual jibes and jokes, and copious mention of Dick Grayson’s rather recognizable butt, is the creation of writers Tim Seeley and Tom King and artist Mikel Janín.

These days Mr. Grayson is quite James Bond-ian in nature. Gone is the good teen, “Holy” this and that’s for this character who was originally conceived as a younger (and more brightly costumed) counter to the considerably darker Dark Knight. But in “Grayson” the bright costume is replaced-or at least only half used lots of the time-as we see Robin swinging his rather impressive torso (remember he comes from a family of acrobatic circus performers) this way and that. Spanish based artist Janín actually uses 3D software and human models to aid his rendering of the fluid physicality needed for this update that is decidedly so sexy.

From side kick, to Nightwing, to a Chris O’Donnell version sporting a costume showing nipples, “Grayson” is the latest look at Robin the Boy Wonder…and we’re all wondering what we might-or might not-see next in the story or costume of this classic character.




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