Wedding Bells Are In The Air

IMG_0123Yes, it certainly is that time of year where summer wedding plans will soon come to fruition (or couples are in the throes of planning for a Fall ceremony or even one this time next year.) We were put quickly in mind of this at the recent Texas Latex Party, where team Dawnamatrix participated in a latex wedding photo-shoot.

For over twenty years, the latex elite of the world have gathered at the Texas Latex Party in Houston for fashion fun, themed gala dinners, and boutique shopping. It’s great to get out and canoodle, party and strut in our finest with such gregarious like-minded folk, all celebrating their love of latex. This year, as you see by the photos included here, we enjoyed some especially high spirited nuptial moments on high seas during an adventure cruise on Clear Lake.

Surely, not all brides and grooms get to be so adventurous in where they take their vows, but as anyone who has ever planned a wedding or is in the throes of planning one will attest, there is plenty ‘adventure’ for any couples’ one lifetime when it comes to this special day. Dawnamatrix takes adventuring guesswork out of wedding couture with our full range of bridal gowns (and also some men’s formal pieces, see here.) If you are of a mind to wear latex on this most special of days (and why wouldn’t you be of a mind to?) we truly have you covered.

We will report further on the wonderful Texas Latex Party (and sharing more pictures as well.) But for now we urge you to get in your order for your latex wedding attire as soon as you can before the adventure of planning your wedding gets truly too adventurous. And if you want to create a custom made wedding gown, as we find many brides actually do, we can help you with this as well…but again, get the process going asap!

Yes, wedding planning is certainly in the air this time of year.IMG_0127

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