W Magazine: ‘The Shot Competition’

DSC098672-2As we have all seen, W Magazine often features an alternate wardrobe scene (or two) in their photos, many a time right-in-your-face sexy latex outfit styling (hell, Dawnamatrix wares have been involved in a few of these), and a goodly amount of celebs in both. Presently we collaborated in the magazine’s ‘Shot Competition,’ a chock-full submission line-up surely showing a unique merging of talents, no matter the winner.

In a submission shot by photographer Ashley Soong, styled by Nicole Hyle we contributed the accessories, opera length gloves and premium thigh highs.

Ashley describes the inspiration of the story of her submission this way:

Modern reinterpretation of the Tudor portrait technique applied to the modern woman (particularly methods used in the Victorian Era). An exploration of sensuality, and the discovery of lesser-known facets of female sexuality and complexity. Examines the transition of women as delicate ornaments of a man’s possession to an equal counterpart in life. Tudor symbolism will be used throughout the images to illustrate more bearing theme of mankind i.e. coming of age, race equality, etc.

Women derive their power through the application of wardrobe and beauty, most beautifully exhibited when applied in Victorian, yet off putting way. The story is meant to empower women by reflecting on the past turmoil women have faced, and utilizing those experiences to move forward into a new age of female expressionism.

Video will also be captured to portray a human like and approachable quality to the models, contrasting from the stoic nature of traditional Tudor Paintings. Layered with current music from underground musicians, the film and imagery will tell a tale of the euphoria women experience when they begin to uncover their true identities.

“The Shot” Competition is now live and you can vote for Ashley’s photo here: (as well as see the rest of the work submitted) https://wmagazine.com/the-shot.

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