The Michael Jackson/Louis Vuitton Fall Out

Where occasionally a latex outfit or some other sexy stage costume will cause a stir, this week Louis Vuitton announced some drastic changes to one of their current wardrobe collections because of some startling revelations. The famous French design house has pulled all of their Michael Jackson-theme couture from their 2019 summer menswear collection after the recent airing of and the backlash from the H.B.O. Documentary Leaving Neverland.
During the most recent Paris Fashion week and across a runway way scene obviously evoking The King Of Pop’s “Billie Jean” video, Louis Vuitton revealed lots of Jackson’s most notable style. Pieces shown and recreated in the Vuitton show were based on what the music icon wore in his “Remember the Time” video, cartoons featured the “The Wiz,” and a representation of Jackson’s multi-zipper red leather jacket from “Beat It.” Despite this showcasing, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Louis Vuitton “…will not be producing pieces for their Fall-Winter 2019 collection that has Michael Jackson-specific elements.” A statement from the company directly further stated: “It is important to mention that we were unaware of this documentary at the time of the last LV FW19 Men’s Show.”
Indeed what is in question here is far and beyond any new wardrobe collection run or fashion in general. And this is not the first time a collection run has been halted midstream, or haute couture pieces have been lifted from a collection, for various reasons. But this is the first time tumblers have fallen in this precise way. The 2-part Leaving Neverland documentary (seen first at the Sundance Film Festival), the Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland, airing after the H/B.O. Doc. did and Gayle King interviewing the Jackson brothers and Michael’s nephew, Taj on “CBS This Morning,” certainly brought this story to the fore this past month.

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