The Dreaded BBCP: Bridesmaid Butt Cheek Pics

With the 4th coming for us here in the U.S. we figured why not keep this end-of-the-week blog light and fun…and about a slightly weird story.


These days it seems bride’s maids can’t even wait to get a little tipsy for the ubiquitous turn at inappropriate post-ceremony making-out. The ladies are seemingly beating us all to the punch now with the latest trend (ing) phenomena: bridemaids’ butt cheek pictures.

Just do a Google search and you’ll come across plenty of pics like the one embedded here. It seems for whatever reason the bride’s BBF’s are taking to lifting their gowns to show side upper thigh and in some cases thong-under-stockings to the wedding day photographer. Who started the trend, why it started and if it will stick around long enough until another takes its place (though God knows we should all worry over what the next step in exposing wedding-day selfies could be) nobody rightly knows.

Here at Dawnamatrix we’d like to think we present plenty of sexy bride options so at least the main lady of the day won’t ever feel a need do much more then stand next to her booty-exposing bridesmaids with a bemused smile. The gowns (and accessories/extras we have a sale from a latex wedding veil to a “Honeymoon Nightie” to even a latex bow-tie for gentlemen run the gambit from the mild to the wild. Besides being able to customize a wedding dress (here) a bride can order a classic from us, like the Sakura Wedding Gown or slip into something certainly more ’alternative’ like the Enchantment Wedding Gown.


Maybe bride’s maids are exercising a karma-like revenge for those ladies who have gone before them, having spent so much on poof-y dresses or eye-popping colors they could never wear again. Maybe everyone just wants to get as much attention as they can. Maybe we are so jaded we need booty bride’s maids pics to make modern day wedding photos interesting.

Or maybe the dreaded BBCP trend will die next week.

Let’s hope so.

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