A Summer Time Treat That Can’t Be Beat: The Watermelon Dress?

Sometimes there’s not a particular reason why we want to take our latex outfit out for a spin. Certainly a fetish event or lifestyle party might prompt one to wear a specific costume or two, get you out in your finest freaky frockery. But sometimes how we dress for any given particular day is prompted by not much more than a passing fancy or whim.

Certainly silliness of a high order-plus the love for a certain summertime delicacy-is prompting the latest fashion trend: The Watermelon Dress.

The #WatermelonDress phenomena squished its way into social media frenzy during 4th of July. Ryan Seacrest actually “dropped” a picture on Twitter wearing a watermelon cut-out held over a picture of himself a few days before the 4th . But by all accounts, Twitter exploded over the trend during and then following the U.S. Independence Celebration.

No-one is truly cutting full-size actual dresses out of this fruit and getting into them (as of yet). And there are indeed dresses one can buy that are cut and colored to look like watermelons. Mostly here folks are nibbling or cutting a little piece of watermelon into the shape of a dress, then holding it in front of themselves (or having a confederate do so) as they stand in the background of a picture; the fruit dress is superimposed and it appears as if the subject of the picture is wearing a watermelon dress. Lots of folks have taken to the beach to take their picture as the skin exposed in a bathing suit aids the illusion, with some people posting obviously naked with only that piece of fruit in front of them.

Is it our need to do something, anything during the dog days of summer? A sahred cultural desire to jump on any new wardrobe trend? Or does one really make a grand haute couture statement making and then seeming to wear a dress made from the delicious summer time fruit?

Given that recently we have been treated to the hairy swimsuit, and the pizza bikini, is a dress made of watermelon really all that bad?

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