Dawnamatrix & THe Scarlett Bordeaux Action Figure

If you work in the latex design industry long enough, you are bound to find what you do dovetailing across a good many fields of cultural entertainment. We have been lucky enough to have sent Dawnamatrix accessories to T.V. and movie sets, been involved with national commercials, have had our various outfits appear in videos for the reigning divas of the day, and have dressed dancers on infamous awards show. All of it was thrilling, some quite high-profile, with all of the experiences leaving us so happy to have worked with so many talented stylists and performers. The latest development for our work is a Mattel wrestling action figure of Scarlett Bordeaux.

Way back here, we told you about WWE NXT star Scarlett Bordeaux wearing our Spiked Bodysuit in the ring. The lady joined the wrestling company in 2019, rising in popularity as Karrion Kross’ valet. Her action figure, wearing our Spiked Bodysuit no less, is now available for pre-order (see here).

The controversy surrounding all of this, though, is that just last month, Scarlett was released along with nearly twenty others of the company’s superstars. And with the release of this action figure, the lady went on social media to post her feelings. Simply, Scarlett took to mocking the WWE for releasing the figure after letting her go.

As she quipped, her tongue obviously planted firmly in her cheek, “Hey, 3 action figures in less than 2 years with no matches isn’t too shabby.” She also let it be known she will soon be launching her OnlyFans account as well as making her first post-WWE appearance.

Scarlett Bordeaux’s feelings aside, being able to brag that Dawnamatrix Designs is in some way connected to the super-nifty world of action figures stamps us with a whole different level of pop cool. Be assured; we are ordering our Scarlett Bourdeaux doll today!

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