Saying No To Latex?

Talking as much latex couture as we do here, we tend to forget (or are too polite to talk about it very often) that yes, there are plenty of ‘adult products’ made of that material we love so much. Beyond just everyday accessorizing with a nuns wimple or a inflatable tail, there are also adult toys on the long list of wonderful stuff made from latex. But toy shop Sportsheets ( just switched from latex to silicone for a certain range of their toys. Basically the company isn’t ‘hatin’ on latex, they are just trying to be more sensitive to people with latex allergies and sensitivities.

In all the different kinds of fetish wear and alt. wardrobe we come across, it’s wonderful that there are so many types of materials to make all our sexy stuff out of. As much for one’s whims, to mix and match, as to address those very real sensitivities people suffer from, in the past decade especially, designers and manufactures have gotten into so many new and exciting compounds, materials and even power sources (vroom, vroom) for their wares.

When adult product makers began to take the final steps away from phthalates (those nasty little chemicals put into plastics and silicone to increase durability and flexibility), and fashion designers went hypoallergenic with metals, lots of possibilities sprang up. It was a ‘necessity is the mother of perversion’ in this case, but we all benefit now from much healthier products, from the clothes we make at Dawnamatrix and even the beGloss lube we sell, to what you might buy for your bedroom play.

Take a spin on over to Sportsheets, look across our accessories, even get creative if you like and try your hand at some homemade inventing or costume design. Just remember, there are lots of options available to you, and always, step safely.



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