Nicki MInaj, Stylish and β€œ#Preggers πŸ’›.”

Not that any of us had any doubt that when Nicki Minaj publicly announced her pregnancy that she wouldn’t do so with aplomb, maybe wearing a latex wardrobe piece or other bodacious costume couture. This week the 37-year-old singer gave us an array of pictures of her dressed in various outfits announcing β€œ#Preggers πŸ’›.”

In all the Instagram shots, the mommy-to-be flaunts her baby bump. In one, taken from the side, Nicki sits on her haunches, cradling her belly, wearing a wildly embellished bra, a chain dangling a pacifier, and a matching pink string bikini bottom. In another image where she is standing and cradling her belly, the β€œSuper Bass,” singer wears a see-thru barely-there short fringe skirt, white knee-high stockings and a garter embroidered in the same pattern as the wristlet gloves she wears. In that picture, Nicki also wears a blue bra with pink striping (indicating she doesn’t know or isn’t telling the gender of her baby), with yellow puff shoulder accents and fringe sleeves. Her hair is in a blue updo, and she sports a yellow bow to the side of her cotton-candy hair confection.

In yet another picture, N.M. is standing in a garden setting, a colorful bubble around her, wearing a long flowing white outfit, with cut-outs for her bump and leg. A matching floor-length scarf drapes down from over her head to the leafy ground.

From stage performances to killer videos, to her modeling withΒ Wilhelmina, and collaboration with Fendi, we know Nicki Minaj has been involved with sexy fashion and startling styles along with her career. Now that she’s β€œ#Preggers πŸ’›β€ as she says why wouldn’t she carry the trend and show off her most important soon-to-be-released creation as fashionably as possible? One can only image the baby chic we might see adorning the newborn come into this world for Nicki and husband Kenneth Petty.

Or how quickly we might see the singer in some new alt. haute couture piece post the baby’s birth.

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