Nicki Minaj Is Queen

Nicki Minaj Is Queen

There is certainly something to be said for wearing a body-hugging latex catsuit, or some other wickedly revealing wardrobe piece…and wearing it well. But there is a whole ‘nother thing entirely to be said about wearing what little Nicki Minaj is wearing on the cover of her newly released album Queen, in her new  “Ganja Burn” video, and wearing all of what she doesn’t wear as well as she does. Really, very few modern music divas do alt. costume design quite like Nicki Minaj.

Queen is the “Anaconda,” “Super Bass,” singer’s 4th album, chock full of the lady’s unique and provocative rap POV. But her wardrobe choices and video styling (some we have reported on already when she dropped the “Barbie Tingz and “Chun Li” videos) are unequaled in the pop field.

In the “Ganja Burn” video (see here) directors Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, the men responsible for the Queen album cover, elaborate on the concept, color and couture that N.M. seems most to want to get out this time around. The album, as well as the video, is drenched in an orange hue; albeit the video sees Nicki extricating herself from sand and swirling round it pretty much throughout. She is a Queen resurrected after years, setting her male army (guys bare-chested here, Nicki believes in equal cheese and beefcake) to her side to defeat her enemy. In the video Nicki goes from wearing a rag skirt and halter top to a gold bikini, and lastly in the full costume from her new album’s cover: she sits on a branch topless save for turquoise and gold pasties matching her headdress and half mask, all inspired by Cleopatra.

All very stylish, wild and sexy, and all very perfect to create the firestorm Nicki Minaj has enjoyed this week across social media and the globe with the release of Queen.

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