Montreal Fetish Weekend: Behind The Scenes Preparations

BTS_Tina Mari3Surely when it comes to our latex clothing shoots, runway appearances, new wardrobe announcements even, team Dawnamatrix is working so hard we don’t truly think about, let alone stand back to consider the ‘behind-the-scenes.’ Our models, photographers, hair and make-up people, promoters all simply work in and around a hubbub of activity, but on taking a moment to breathe from what we are going to present at the upcoming Montreal Fetish Weekend, we thought, hell, why not give you a peak into what’s going on.

In the photos presented here you see lovely model Tina Mari working her way through an expert Paul Allan shoot. Tina is modeling some of our new dress designs at Frog Hollow Studio in Philadelphia; makeup artists Melissa Jannes attends her, as does Ashley Brown who you see styling Tina’s hair. This year we have put together a black and orange Halloween ensemble for Tina Mari as well as a swirly psychedelic marble latex specially prepared for us by Yummy Gummy latex sheeting, and crafted into a structured dress.

Tina wears these clothes so beautifully, really.BTS_Tina Mari2

Being latex wardrobe designers we do know a think about couture aesthetics, the way a body can move to its fullest potential showing off a pair of contrast leggings  or a leopard cincher. But when it comes to the alchemy a model like Tina Mari manages with every pose, the artistry in Melissa and Ashley getting her hair and make-up just right (not to mention changing hair and make-up in a single shoot for different ‘looks’) and the precision of Paul Allan not only setting-up shot after shot but knowing what more he needs of any given pose our outfit, time and again we are as thrilled as we are amazed by all this ‘behind the scenes’ activity…as we are with the results.BTS_TinaMari1

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