Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014

As we have expounded and opined about/over before, Montreal Fetish Weekend is truly an amazing event of the lifestyle curious, the fantasy live-r, the see-and-be scene-ster. It is also the time when we here at Dawnamatrix reveal a bunch of new designs. To say we are looking forward to Montreal Fetish Weekend 2014 would be a grand understatement; we are literally sweating to death wonderfully in our latex!

The great thing about MFW is that it is one of those rare kink events that is officially recognized by the city it is in as well as well accepted as an international cultural happening. How’s that for some street cred, huh?

This will be our 5th year attending the “6 days and nights of pure delight” and the 4th where we present a Dawnamatrix Fashion show. The men and women who attend Montreal Fetish Weekend (or men dressed as women, women dressed as men) are some of the most supportive friends, customers and co-workers were have ever had the pleasure to know. From the village-like atmosphere of the superb downtown area the host hotel is in (and where we all get out to prance and parade), the shopping, restaurants, just the entire good ‘vibe’ of the city and all of us descending upon her cannot be beat.

montreal fetish weekend logo

In addition to our fashion show, there is a Friday night “Kabaret Kink,” Saturday’s “Latextacy Pop Anime’ Ball” (something our Dawnamatrix dynamic duo is sure not to miss) and Sunday’s “Gods and Goddess” play party.  There is the usual Fetish Photo Walk, our fashion show, “Expo Kink”, workshops and exclusive after-parties, plus good eats and drinks and overall hanging-out (and you could wear either our Galaxy Tank Minidress  or Gear Pasties to be hanging-out)

Yes we are certainly looking forward to the Montreal Fetish Weekend round this parts.



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