Modcloth Models Are Like You And Me

imgresDawnamatrix has employed a wide variety of talented models in our years in business. Names like Luthieen and Lalka Dollar Doll have graced our online shop, walked runways for us, worn our clothes in photo shoots for magazines where we have supplied the clothes. Certainly what we sell starts with us, but as with have said countless times before, without the model to wear our clothes, the talented hair and make-up artisans on hand and of course the photographers who shoot it all we would never get as good an airing of our wares as we do.

Time and again you have noticed us name, champion and thank all these talented people…and with good reason.

But this is not say everyday men and women can’t wear our clothes-in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Any man could wear a Damask Vest  and we have wedding dresses to fit any bride. And we also believe everyday men and women can model. Modcloth, an online retailer has been proving this well in their campaign to stop photoshopping their models and even further in a most recent add where they use their own employees to model their latest swimsuits.

Modcloth freely admits that they did not start these campaigns for any other reason than to connect with their broad base of shoppers. The company believes that be showing a certain realistic image of women they increase their sales and awareness of their brand…and the policy seems to be working to be sure. But there is no denying the good feelings the brand endangers (as well as the press gained) showing off their swimsuits with these models who are decidedly not models.

Rest assured you will continue to see our latex clothing on world rekown alternative models, but we applaud Modcloth for marching ahead with a marketing strategy that works for them and celebrates us all.


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