Latex in Decay: Dawnamatrix meets James Kerwin

Weddings, art and commercial
Sadie Ann models our Butterfly Bodysuit at a chateau in Belgium

“Latex in Decay” is a piece team Dawnamatrix collaborated on with architecture photographer/urban explorer James Kerwin.

James has traveled widely to undisclosed and out-of-bounds locales capturing the decay of often stunning locations for nearly 3 years now. On one of these ‘typical’ outings recently James went out to shoot a series of images for designers in abandoned locations across Europe. In October 2015 this adventurous/adventuring photographer approached us to shoot our latex fashion design in some of these deserted locations.  The stunning pictures you see here are the results from a weekend of image making, climbing and driving for James and his two models Jade Stacy Maria & Sadie Ann​.

Weddings, art and commercial
Jade Stacy Maria models our Damask Jacket and Scale Leggings at a derelict steelworks

Shot during the weekend of the Paris attacks also meant that James had to change all of the team’s plans late in the day as well. But this is not a photographer easily waylaid….as you see here. We think these pictures came out so scrumptious really, as James’ aesthetic truly gives substance to that oft used: “location, location, location” quote. Surely in the U.S. and abroad there are lots of spots one can choose from, long abandoned indoor or outdoor buildings of various decay and age, roofs of various disrepair letting loose just the right amount of light, history-addled paint-chipped walls, long dead rail lines losing the fight to sprouting weeds. But a photographer like James recognizes just the right spot, knows where to place his model, and in this case called upon us to provide the fantasy wardrobe pieces.

Weddings, art and commercial

We were thrilled to be part of Mr. Kerwin’s high unique artistry, far and away here from the normal red carpet showing or even a fetish


See the photo set here:

Dawnamatrix couture featured: Butterfly Bodysuit, Pinstripe Infusion Minidress,  Babydoll Dress, Damask Jacket, Spiked Bodysuit. The models are Jade Stacy Maria, a 22 year old model from Essex, UK ​ and Sadie Ann​ model/musician/actress also from Colchester, UK

Weddings, art and commercial

And you can find more of J​ames Kerwin’s work here: .


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