Lady Gaga Is ‘Coming For You’ At Superbowl 51’s Halftime Show

We might just catch a good eyeful of lady gaga latex at the Superbowl this year, or at the very least something more than just shoulder pads and cleats. The Little Monster maven is performing at the Halftime show come this February 5th and it is sure to be a full-on sound and light barrage to be talked about and over well past Sunday night if the reigning pop diva has her way.

Not only will we see Lady Gaga during halftime but she is starring in ads for Tiffany & Co. said to be intimate portraits of the star. The ‘sneak peak’ making the round presently featured Gaga talking about challenging the status quo and how she doesn’t feel it is pretentious to talk about how creative she tries to be… in fact, she finds it empowering.

What songs or multiple costume design Lady Gaga will spring on us during the biggest yearly national bathroom break is pure speculation at this point. But during another video, this one shot for Pepsi in a behind-the scenes Halftime show rehearsal, Gaga claims she will “use every inch of the stage” during her respite from the action between the New England Patriots & Atlanta Falcons. The fact that her performance will see no special guests means the lady will certainly have to deliver in that every inch, for a viewing audience performers rarely see in such numbers at one time.


Not to worry if you are looking for couture or other swag from Superbowl 51’s Gaga show. Pepsi has got fans covered (go here: selling posters, Gaga’s “Joanne” hat, and glasses. There is no arguing that this yearly musical performance, for many, has taken on just as much significance as the actual game.

An interesting factoid: Lady Gaga’s performance marks the 2nd time she is singing at a Superbowl. Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem at last year’s Superbowl.

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