Kate Hudson and Madonna, Making Statements

Two popular stars are presently making quite the fashion statement in latex, corsets, and stockings, and furs. 

As anyone who even causally visits social media must be aware, Miss Madge has been posting quite provocative images across her Instagram of late. Presently though, Madonna is out and about celebrating the 30th Anniversary of her book Sex. Sharing a quick clip of herself in pictures by Steven Meisel (the talented photographer was instrumental in the look of Sex), wearing satin gloves, a fur coat, stockings and quite the revealing corset, Madonna also posed in a stunning single shot of herself in that corset. Titling this picture “”I’d like to put you in a trance,” a lyric taken from her 1992 single “Erotica,” the full-on picture of Madonna in this low-cut lingerie is arresting, to be sure.

As we might remember, the Sex book and the controversy surrounding it put Madonna at the forefront of the sexual expression conversation (as well as eliciting conjecture about the singer’s BDSM proclivities) when released at the beginning of the ’90s. Published the day after her fifth studio album, Erotica, was released, “the material girl” certainly made yet another statement in the culture nobody was soon to forget.

And talk about leather, PVC and latex that she wore in the videos and concerts surrounding the book/album release!

The new 800-copy re-release edition of Sex will also have an exhibition at Art Basel in Miami from now until 12/4. Also, a limited number of copies of the new book will be signed by Madonna, with proceeds benefiting the Raising Malawi charity.

Presenting starring in the pre-theatre release of the second in Netflix’s “Knives Out” phenomena, Kate Hudson and a grand cast make Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery a success by all early critics’ reviews. In addition to her role in that film, Hudson also dropped a bunch of pictures across her Instagram account, one of her in a black, skintight latex bodysuit with a wide hat.

Styled by Sophie Lopez, Hudson looks gorgeous in our most favorite textile. The other pictures posted include the Almost Famous star in a green see-through dress and wearing her own high-waisted pink corset. This picture spread is part of the magazine Netflix Queue, an internal magazine for the subscription streaming platform.

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