Globe-trotting with Dawnamatrix

wicked_catsuit_mainFrom Copenhagen back to Seattle (with a stop in Iceland too), premiering both our laser cut latex catsuit and latest full latex collection, “Waterproof,” enjoying the company of so many encouraging people, from fashionistas, models, designers, photographers and fans, and seeing some amazing spots, the past few weeks of the Dawnamatrix schedule has been wondrously busy.

As we previously reported, at the beginning of September we traveled to Denmark’s capital for the Fetish Fashion Party. Down the runway here we debuted our laser cut catsuit (see above) and had a wonderful time meeting people (and dressing leggy models) we had never met before. We happened to manage a quick trip up to Iceland on the way over (Iceland is pushing for tourism these days so search well, you can find some great deals) and in one day we drove the entire perimeter of this beautiful country. The land formations and stark beauty were unlike anything you are likely to ever see, one can really imagine they are standing on another planet looking out at that unusual topography

The FFP in Copenhagen was held at the Sopavillonon “lake pavilion,” quite the amazing spot to show off one’s haute couture.

Back at home, and just a few weeks ago, we made our first-ever appearance at Seattle Fashion Week. At SFW we premiered our latest collection, a range of classic rain-ready outerwear, we call Waterproof (see here). Our all original latex raincoats and jackets brighten up the usual dreary rain gear look…and are made of that wonderful material we all love. There’s no reason not to look stylish-and colorful- in bad weather and the reaction to “Waterproof,” was as we hoped, wonderful and ‘drippy’ with praise.waterproof

There really is so much to see of the world, either within driving distance of one’s home or on the shores of another country. We were thrilled to have traveled both near and far to show what Dawnamatrix is all about.

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