Games of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Hits.

They may not be choosing latex clothing, but they are choosing violence, in the new Games of Thrones Season 6 trailer.

If you have caught the stunning 2 minutes advertisement for the April 24th H.B.O. premier you’ll see some familiar characters, all in seeming stressful situations, running across snow swept landscapes, on boats out to see, in castle anterooms and on horseback, with a startling admission by Cersei.

Really what is going to happen this season? An early sweep into Castle Black during the trailer, which features a haunting James Vincent McMorrow cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” as its soundtrack, shows Jon Snow’s body lying in the snow. Over the image we hear “He’s gone”…but is he really? We get mere glimpses of Euron Greyjoy, as we do only a fire-flicked moment of Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion turning to the camera. We see a White Walker, Arya sporting spooky all-milky whites of her eyes, Daenerys walking alongside a slew of Dothraki (supposedly this shot used 1,200 extras) and Davos in one of the most exquisite shot, looking over a pyre in the show, wrapped in a sumptuous cape.

And there is a dragon.

From fantasy film lovers, to rabid Home Box Office viewers, to just those that like to see actors like Lena Headley, Jason Momoa and so many others strut their stuff in headdresses, leather jerkins, masks and quite often no clothes at all, the popular GoT has been the very best show to enjoy. Gold armor, leather accessories, various tunics, pants…we’ve been on about the show before in how it tickles fans of cosplay and fetish clothing. Being a latex designer, it’s hard not to as much watch the proceedings as a fan, as much as to salivate over just what new design might be turned out from costume designer Michele Clapton.

Ah, things are good with the games beginning again soon.


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