Fashion Is Art

The marriage of fashion and art is something we wholeheartedly believe in and support with our latex designs. Really, it could be no other way here at Dawnamatrix. Designing, and rendering; creating and coloring; bespoke fitting; by piece, parcel and particular projection any designer worth their wool (chose the material you like best) regards what they do as much as their work as their calling, art, passion. This is why it thrills us to be showing our wardrobe pieces at the Fashion Is Art showcase, March 30th, at the Tacoma Art Museum
Showcasing designers from different disciplines, working with a wide range of materials, Fashion Art’s ethos is very much like that of WOW’s in that they look to showcase “fashion as more than just clothing but as living wearable art.”
There’s that ‘A’ word again.
We will be showcasing our collection The New Flesh, something we showed to great response at the “Couture and Cars” show last year. We are certainly looking forward to appearing on the runway yet again with these particular latex outfits and to see our futuristic laser cut designs in a museum setting. The other designers in the show include Chiara Zuccolotto, Jersey Virago, Lumen Couture, Stone Crow Designs, Nox Fashion House, and Sloane White Couture; we are honored to be in their company. Before and after our models have revealed what we are showcasing I am reminded once again how much great stuff is being produced in our fashion world.
The Fashion Is Art Show runs from 6:30 pm – 10: 30 pm on the 30th. A live DJ will be on hand, and red-carpet photos available before the show. The event starts promptly at 7:15 pm.
Produced by Fashion District NW, you can find further information about it all here at their website and buy tickets here:

photo credits: Photographer: Erik Christensen
Models: Miss Merlot and Sarah LeAnn

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