Dawnamatrix @ DragonCon 2019

It came down to great cosplay (latex and otherwise), attendees enjoying a deep nerd groove and al of us checking out such cool stuff from the world of fantasy and science fiction: DragonCon 2019.

The gathering of the faithful in downtown Atlanta was pretty much as massive and as overwhelming as we imagined. 90,000 convention-goers packing the area, congregating in all the major hotels and trade centers, the majority in costume…which was good, since Ben and I were in costume too (see some the pictures here).

As has always been our experience at these kinds of gatherings, everybody is so happy to be taking pictures with one another, sharing stories, showing off. At DragonCon especially we noticed a great big creative mashup of looks, people combining two or more fandoms in their wardrobe choices. And it was all absolutely wonderful. For example, we saw a samurai version of Darth Vader, a Deadpool version of Pennywise the Clown from IT. Talk about creative textile art creation. We couldn’t get enough of it, really.

If you are not from the area or have never been to the southeastern U.S., it can (and was) get hot during summertime in Atlanta (real HOT!). So all of us were sweating heavy in our dress up. But it was all well worth the slight uncomfortableness, suffering slightly to look as super cool in our cosplay as we all did.

A highlight of the 5-day event was the two-mile cosplay parade down Peachtree Street. This is when we all go to show off as much as see one another on one big gathering. Wow, people are so creative in their costume creations; it was so inspiring.

Here are the details of the garments you see here. My Handmaid’s Tale outfit includes Lux Bra, High Waisted Panty, Fingerless Gloves, Premium Thigh Highs.

My Nun outfit: Nun wimple, Open Face Hood, Wrist length gloves, Custom Waist Cincher, Custom Anatomical Corset.

And as you see Ben dressed as Beaker from the Muppets, the hapless sidekick of Doctor Bunsen Honeydew.

We just loved DragonCon 2019.

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