Nicki Minaj helps Doja Cat

The Nicki’s, Gaga’s, and before them, the Madonna’s of this world have been the creative forces behind lots of latex, lingerie, and overall, naughty couture turns. We count on these modern-day fashion provocateurs to keep us guessing (and salivating), as much with what their stage costumes, their red carpet reveals as their video turns. In the new Doja Cat, “Say So ft. Nicki Minaj” (dance visual) video, we hear a Nicki Minaj rap over a candy-colored visual feast the infamous diva has certainly influenced.

There’s no latex costuming to in the new clip (see here), but the fantasy couture is wonderful all the time. Featuring a trio of dancers, first, we see the ladies dressed in bright pink bodysuits, and blonde Afro-wigs, playing with a disco ball ball on a basketball court. Next, we see them in cut-off jean shorts, white tees, and curly pink-haired wigs. Lastly, they jump and shimmy on a bed wrapped in towels. 

It’s less the actual alt. couture here than it is the bright colors that makes the most impression here. Those bright pinks especially reminiscent of Doja Cat’s styling in her ‘solo’ video for the same tune (see here) from her newly released, Hot Pink album. In her videos for this time, of which there is a ‘live’ version showcasing her cat ears and pink-ness and another 70’s like styling and see-through sequins (see here) Doja Cat shows-off her unique styling.

The lady herself tweeted of this new ‘dance visual’ clip: “I think they put poop in the formula for my eyebrow pencil cuz it smell crazy!” “Stream #SASoRemix !” Her enthusiasm obviously (although the above quote is open to interpretation) is for the simple yet effective color, wonderful dancing, and yes, Nicki Minaj’s rap. This new “Say So,” is not as much better than the original, but something else entirely, as much a creation of Doja Cat as enjoying a new twist from the pop/music style icon Nicki Minaj.

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