Change The World With Dojo Cat and Girls Who Code

It’s one thing to simply peel yourself out of a latex bodysuit in the middle of a party hoping to garner attention. It’s quite another to offer a few options to completely change the landscape of one’s world, in color, wardrobe and sound.

Doja Cat is set on offering her fans as much control of the world of her new video as possible.

Along with the group Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that “aims to get more women and girls interested in the field of computer science,” Doja Cat has debuted the first ever codable music video. Going to the video of Woman here,, the viewer first encounters a futuristic image of Doja Cat that becomes pixelated when a mouse is dragged over the screen. Three stars greet one on the next page, prompting the viewer to pick the programming language of their choice; these are color coded by yellow for CSS, blue for Javascript; and Python represented by Pink.

Then one clicks the video and they are on their way.

The video moves along just like Doja Cat’s original music video for this tune, only the viewer gets to make decisions along the way to make changes to what they see. Early on, one is prompted to choose what color they want to make Dojo Cat’s nails, as well as to name what city the video’s action takes place in, as well as what time of day one wishes this all to occur.  

In the video, which also stars Teyana Taylor and model Guetcha,  we get a wide range of costumes made mostly of beaded skirts and tops. There is lots of gold thrown in here, some startling headdresses and bikini tops and bottoms; basically, there’s lots of beautiful skin revealed as much from the main participants as from the backing dancers.

At the end of the full immersion the viewer gets to view how the landscape of the clip looked after they made their coding choices.

Granted this version of Woman represents a mere tickle into the world of viewer coding interaction. But Dojo Cat and Girls Who Code are certainly giving us a fanciful peak into a future we can change to our whims.

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