Céline Dion Back in Vogue?

Céline Dion Back in Vogue?

The interception of popular music and haute couture happens at regular intervals in fashion world…we even get lucky sometimes to catch one or two big stars wearing a latex outfit down a red carpet or on stage. Even seen out and about on the street, our best and brightest are dogged by paparazzi who capture pictures as much of who is seen with who as what clothes our celebs are seen in. Then there are those music stars who are specifically courted by top designers, as much to head collections, put their names on new lines or, in the case of what’s been happening lately with Céline Dion and Vogue, classic stars showing why they will always be classic.

Making quite the stir during Paris Couture Week last month, the Canadian chanteuse was first seen posing naked for a Vogue Instagram shot. This picture raised a few eyes to consider Dion in a way we have yet. Then the lady was invited to star in a Vogue Couture Week video. In that short film the “My Heart Will Go On” singer wears Christian Dior, Chanel and more as she struts, and dances even, around various Parisian locations,The Ritz hotel and the River Sein among them.

On the river we see Dion posing and prancing the classic ensemble of an embroidered dress, black boater, black leather boots, on the top deck of a boat cruising the river’s sunset. Back at her hotel, we catch Dion in a Giambattista Valli candy-cloud confection dress of pink tulle. For our particular alternate fashion tastes it’s when Dion sports a John Galliano Maison Margiela Artisanal that we take most notice. Designed by the man many would call the “enfant terribleof the fashion world, we see Celine Dion in a draped décortiqué dress, bra, waspie, and shoulder piece, cavorting in a kitchen.

Not that Celine Dion ever truly left us. From Vegas residencies to recent performances at music events, this lady is surely a diva for the ages. But this recent work with Vogue certainly showcases how very daring the lady might like to get from time to time in her day to day dress to her costume designs to her very elegant wear.

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