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So Cannes…you got to go this year, right? Don’t feel bad, we didn’t jet over with Russell Crowe this year either (he so never asks team Dawnamatrix to accompany him anywhere, the nerve of some Aussies!) For those of us who didn’t make the movie event of the year, or for some who did, the fashions folks wore across red carpets, coming on and off of boats, and sailing through parties like the AIDS Gala at the the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc have been a wonder to behold. One hopes for a big latex plugsuit making an appearance some year, but alas we can content ourselves with some great styles, and the stylish celebs who wore them.

This year there was a much talked-about moratorium on women wearing flats, but stalwart beauties like Inès de La Fressange and Isabella Rossellini still wore them. Salma Hayek Pinault was seen spinning across the red carpet in a hip-hugging purple gown, but the woman also sported a short purple and black faux scale Christopher Kane dress, putting one in mind of textured latex creations…or at least putting us in mind of them.

In what has got to be the most interesting fashion choice of the festival Sonam Kapoor thrilled onlookers in a fully white feathered Eli Saab.

The thing about The Cannes Film Festival is that here are just so many possible moments for a celebrity to dress-up. The (usually) fantastic weather, the day time premiers and parties, all-day deal making and press conferences and the nighttime film events and after-parties give our modern-day royalty plenty of opportunity for dress-up. And all of us plenty of opportunity to ogle them.

‘Alternative’ fashion doesn’t get much airing at Cannes (and it might never actually) but even for the most disinterested of fashion fans, the stars in all their frock-ery at this once-a-year get together is hard to turn a blind eye to.

Check this video for more of it all:


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