Brides Find Options With Dawnamatrix Regardless Of Vogue Trends

Just this week Vogue published a piece online about eight major trends of the spring 2020 bridal season; spoiler alert, there was no latex mentioned. From the influence of Meghan Markle’s long-sleeved Givenchy influencing clean minimalism to traditional ball gowns currently constructed of lighter materials, to “hat-sculptures,” replacing lace veils, there is no end to what is possible for a bride’s special day.

Which is precisely what we have been saying at Dawnamatrix for ten years.

Working in this specialized haute couture latex business, we don’t throw around the word ‘alternative’ lightly. We surely embrace textile art in a different way than most people are used to when it comes to their fashions. And when it comes to our bridal collection, we stand proud that the latex wedding gowns and the accessories we sell are indeed ‘alternative’ in the regular fashionista view. (We’ve certainly have had some of our wardrobe appear in a few Vogue’s across the globe; still, we are not surprised latex wedding gowns and accessories didn’t make the Vogue list.)

There are plenty of online resources, beyond the Vogue list, for those wanting to step to the side, of what is usually worn/said/done for a wedding. Sites like The Knot, present a wide range of ideas, from just slightly nontraditional too well far afield. And Domino offered this roundup of just about everything, from unusual places for receptions to wild party favors.

As the ubiquitous June wedding spree approaches we see more and more bridal, and even groom considerations. And as you know fashion always tries to stay months even years ahead of current trends; it makes sense to see 2020 wedding gown considerations already. But for the brides, and grooms out there who certainly are hoping for an alternative (yes, there’s that word again) Dawnamatrix, and quite a few others, are happy to present a few non-traditional options.

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