Alejandra Guerrero’s Wicked Women

You really need look no further for erotic photography, latex models captured in full naughty glory, and pictures that reveal the true power of females than Alejandra Guerrero’s work. From years of working in fetish, haute couture, and everything in between, traveling from her home in Columbia to make her first stab into her life’s work in Chicago, publishing great photography books and placing pictures in magazines, the erotic lens-woman now releases her first monograph. Published by Circa Press, Wicked Women features forty highly stylized erotic pictures infused with Guerrero’s singular talent and her pursuit of the empowered lady.

Moving to Chicago in the last year of the previous century, Guerrero took a job in a photo lab, a year later transferring to the University of Illinois Chicago, to study what she had been so turned on by her work of the year before. At the end of the decade, her first photo appeared in The Mammoth Book of New Erotic Photography, and a year later in a Taschen tome. 

She’d come to publish in Taschen more than once, and in magazines like “Leg Show,” “Revolver,” “Penthouse,” and our old friend “Von Gutenberg.”

Connected in spirit and influenced by the likes of Helmut Newton and Bettina Rheims (among others), this lady-erotic-photographer-in-a-male-dominated field is as influenced by top fashion photographers shooting all kinds of fashion, not just fetish. People like Steven Meisel and Jean-Baptiste Mondino have brought latex couture and other alternative wardrobes into the mainstream with their work, something Guerrero acknowledges and also sights as an influence.  

In coming to redesign her website two years ago, the idea of her Wicked Women book really began, as Guerrero retooled the section of her website named the same. It was here that she amassed all of her fetish photography. With her Corporate Vampire site, and with this new book, Guerrero continues pursuing a high-level of erotic art, with powerful women at the center.

See Wicked Women here.

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