Agent Provocateur channels Elmer Batters

Not just latex clothing can be provocative. We as much champion rubber clothing, PVC, leather, and lace (as you well know from reading here) when it comes to what we feel is sexy in sexy clothing. And when it comes to lingerie especially, one can as much wear our Origami Crane Thong as a lace body stocking to feel in-the-mood, strut with a splash of fetish, come across naughty and nice (or nice because one is dressed naughty). Lingerie giant Agent Provocateur has just released a line of new sexy unmentionables in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, featuring Romanian model Andreea Diaconu, based on a famous fetish photographer’s work.

This new AP shoot is similar to Kylie Jenner’s Interview Magazine shot of last year (which we supplied clothes and accessories for), where photographer Steven Klein paid homage to the iconic fetish photo essay, “Hatstand, Table and Chair” by Allen Jones. In this new campaign, photographer Mario Sorrenti is taking his cue from foot fetish photographer Elmer Batters. Not only do we get hot enticing pics of Diaconu, showing off some spectacular intimate haute couture, but we get a decidedly ‘retro’ inspired advert built around foot fetish art.

Batters was a pioneer of this kind of photography, centering around a specific part of his models…specifically women’s feet and legs, especially when they wore stockings. His specificity, shooting women’s legs and feet from many angles, the detail with which he let his lens linger, paved the way for an artful consideration of what was, up to that point, photography certainly never celebrated in the mainstream and never considered art. Batters also was a champion for plus-sized ladies-well before such considerations in modeling-employing the Rubenesque model Caruschka as his main model in many of his compositions.

Agent Provocateur has created a deliciously sexy impression of their new lingerie line through the knowing lens of Mario Sorrenti paying homage to a true artist of alternative sensibility, Elmer Batters.

And we applaud them.

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