Marcus Gloger’s Shadow Vegas

Shadow Vegas

Who knows these days if and when a Kickstarter campaign for anything, let alone a book featuring science fiction themes with latex models, will meet its goals. But by now the verdict should be out whether fetish photographer Marcus Gloger raised the money he needed to bring his Shadow Vegas book from its current digital format to a 20o image, 72 square fomat, full color print book.

Featuring latex models Kay Morgan & Ophelia Overdose, the story here covers action in a new world where men and women are chasing after an electronic device to gain global domination. Along the way comely models in wildly alternate wardrobes, some riding super cool cars like Citroen’s new prototype (the German car company also lent Gloger two 1971 cars as well as a ’77 GS for his shot) run round the Shadow Vegas character who pulls strings behind the scenes.

May 15th was the date to raise the 5,500 Euros to make the print version a reality and by now Gloger and company are either busy at work putting their funds where they need to…or maybe coming-up with another campaign. For all those who lent support, surely your contributions are appreciated and we here at Dawnamatrix certainly wish the very talented Mr. Gloger and his crew the very best with this project. Getting any artistic endeavour off the ground these days takes such moxie really, trying to drum-up interest in a world of pregnant social media bringing the ever-latest and greatest to your mobile device at a dizzying speed a real challenge. But add to the mix trying to create something with and in a niche section of society. No matter how very vocal the population of us alt. adventurers are, how many cosplayers, latex lovers and sell-described sci-fi geeks (not to mention hot car lovers) would flock to a book like this, still making a vision a reality is a Herculean task these days.

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