2023 Eurovision Song Contest Couture

Having worked often with global designers, be they makers of latex couture or working with a host of other textiles, we are ever so appreciative and interested in world couture. And where better to see world stage couture styles than at the just begun 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

Hosted by the European Broadcast Union, this is the contest that ABBA won to become stars, as well as from which Celine Dion took top prize. Held this year in Liverpool, England, to avoid the obvious problems that could arise if this year’s event was held in the country of last year’s winner, Ukraine (the event is usually held in the country of origin of the winner from the previous year), the participants walked Eurovision famous turquoise carpet this Saturday past. And while not all names may be all that well known, surely in the US, still the amazingly colorful and unique couture is worth noting, as are the folks who wore these clothes and performed later. 

There was stunning Mae Muller, enveloped in a blue Agro Studio ensemble of a form-fitting skirt with a hood reaching from one of its sleeves. A train of extra fabric extended behind the British singer to complete her look.

Across their suit jackets music duo Tvorchi showed off names and weights of children born prematurely and underweight during the war in Ukraine, the country Tvorchi is from. Leading with a similar statement, Crotia’s Let 3 removed their jackets for paparazzi to reveal their white petticoats and shirts with children’s faces on them. On their Instagram, the band posted the statement “Children should not be stolen” alongside a photo of these outfits.

Sweden’s Loreen, wore a white sleeves short skirt gown with ruffles, while Serbia’s Luke Black, showed off what could be arguably the year’s fashion trend. He wore a wrap-around off-shoulder blue button-up shirt, with added floral appliqués.

Malta pop group The Busker wore yellow and blue textured textiles, accessorizing with sunglasses and a saxophone. While Iceland’s Diljá fooled everyone in her long-sleeved top and pants seemingly made from denim. On closer inspection, her pants and top were printed with photos of denim.

While we could have reported on the just past ACM award red carpet outfits, as well as Dolly Parton rocking out, why not give a little global love to what was worn, and worn well, at the start of 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

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