No matter if we saw latex jumpsuits, leather-and-lace combinations, or lingerie worn as an accessory, we all knew this year’s VMA’s would be different than any in the show’s three-decade history. Playing across our TVs, tablets, and other streaming devices, the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards came at us all last Sunday night, socially distanced as we all knew it had to be, but still as colorful and wild as ever, inside and out. The stars as much wowed in what they were wearing, walking into the show across the red carpet and during their performances and stage appearances.

Walking in, one caught…

Lady Gaga (more on her later) entering in spaceman couture. She wore an AREA Fall/Winter 2020 Couture Quilted Parka, and a clear bubble helmet on her head. She was recreating the famous MTV “Moon Man” statue, it seems.

Miley Cyrus was dressed in a see-through mirror dress, (more on her in a but as well). Doja Cat showed up in a metallic rose red mesh dress with a plunging neckline and a wild braid down her back. Slicked back, nearly to the floor and anchored by a bit of chain, the rapper’s do certainly made her ensemble. Machine Gun Kelly sauntered in wearing head-to-toe hot pink Berluti, pants, and shirt, capping the bright look off with a pearl necklace. And Bebe Rexha strutted so extra-sexy in black biker shots and a leather blazer sporting a semi-corset. 

On stage, viewers were treated to…

Keke Palmer in a feather frock, Miley beginning her song in a slinky high-slit skirt and top, then discarding the skirt for black panties, and once again sitting on a mirror ball. The boys of BTS wore suits, each cut and colored for an individual style and Dojo Cat wore the most interesting onstage couture of the night. She sported a ‘nude,’ scaled iridescent catsuit, with her dancers, some sporting tentacled bodysuits, joining her in a medley of “Say So” and “Like That.” 

You can see more about this eye-stopping bespoke Asher Levine catsuit costume here.

Of course, you don’t get through the VMA’s (at least in the last few years) without more alt. couture moments from the Lady herself. Lady Gaga weighed in during her on-stage appearances in a dizzying array of masks. From ‘simple’ shimmery face coverings to pink gas mask-like tube creations, to a mask that had a pulsating front wash of light and color keeping time to the music she was singing during her duet with Ariana Grande.
She even sported horns during one time at the podium.

Arguably our most influential style diva is as much making a statement about our times as working well within them.

God bless the good old VMA’s for keeping wild fashions alive and well!

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