Dawnamatrix in Fiji and Answering An Invite From The U.S. Embassy

Our latex clothing winning awards, a chance to see Hobbiton, hanging with a host of global designers; well here’s more of what Dawnamatrix got into during our trip to The World Of WearableArt Competition.


“Bula!” was the welcoming Fijian greeting heard often throughout our brief stay on that island (we hit Fiji coming to and from New Zealand). Determined to experience the island’s culture, we stopped by an open-air market to purchase kava root as a gift for a local village chief. After taking part in a kava ceremony, we had a traditional lunch of grilled fish, cassava, and pineapple. We then trekked through the jungle (and this was a jungle for sure!) to see a waterfall and cave.We also enjoyed the orchid collection at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, once owned by American actor Raymond Burr and gifted to the island. 

What struck me beyond the stunning colors, people and lushness of Fiji (as well as New Zealand) was looking up at those stars of the Southern Hemisphere. You don’t truly understand how unfamiliar that nighttime sky is until you look up at it-brilliant as it was on Fiji especially with no light pollution-and you can’t get your bearings on what you are seeing. One takes for granted what one sees nightly in their night sky-in our neck of the woods it’s the Northern Hemisphere. But those burning bright skies showed patterns of stars and systems I had never really seen.

We awoke to white sand beaches with mountains on the horizon. The pace on the island is slow “Fiji Time”, and it was a refreshing stop on the way in and out of New Zealand.

As I mentioned in first blog about the WOW trip, we also were invited, by the U.S. Embassy in Wellington. to speak to a class of 13-year-old young women at their fashion design class.

This advanced program teaches students all aspects of fashion design prior to graduation, including draping, merchandising, 3D printing, laser cutting, and pattern drafting. We all shared a bit about our diverse backgrounds and inspiration; Ben and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have met those young women!  Winning awards and being recognized by your peers is one thing, but being able to share with that classroom, that was something very special.



Photo Credit ABove: U.S. Embassy

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