Working With WinterWolf

The fine-art photography company WinterWolf formed in 2005 and has been known for creating fantastical images ever since. Kelly is especially adept at providing glimpses of unusual beauty in colorful fairytale worlds…as can be seen in the photos here. Most acclaimed for her creative female portraiture, Winter is also available to hire for a wide range of photography work including baby as well as senior photography, editorials, commercial work, weddings…and as you see here, modeling. She wears our Butterfly Mermaid Gown, with makeup by Ruby Randall in the shot where she models for us; Miss Mischief models our Marble Underwire Gown in the other.

Let’s talk models, shall we?

The flyer image here was taken by photographer/magazine CEO Erik Von Gutenberg (see his site, magazine, couture here. This model in this show-Kerri Taylor- is just one of the women we have hired to show-off our new line and we’ve announced all of the ladies this week over on our Facebook page:
The ladies we are thrilled to be working with this year are Nea Dune, Holy Scar, Kerri Taylor, who we have worked with before and Véronique Marcoux, Ramsessa Eros, Paisley Lauren, Carl-André Girard, Crimson Heavens Mira LaFleur and July August.