Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 3-Ending

As we have mentioned plenty about this event, it is as much the people as the city that makes Montreal Fetish Weekend so unique. You can as much put on a fashion show the first day-outside!- (see here ) as you can simply get dressed-up in your finest fetish frockery and walk the wonderful Canadian artsy city with a whole bunch of other folks dressed just as wild. Everywhere one goes, inside and out, at MFW events or just along the shops or eateries of the city, one is welcomed, as alt. wardrobe wearers walk alongside everyday folk and pictures are snapped everywhere.

Dawnamatrix@Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015: Day 1

Getting a mention in the venerable Huffington Post about our latex clothing (see here specifically images 49-71), enjoying another rollicking beginning of Sept. alternate fashion weekend in Montreal, and feeling the love for our new pieces, I guess you could say that Dawnamatrix@Montreal Fetish Weekend 2015 was a success. Just making the Huff Post alone would be a feather in our Steampunk Style Hat (and it is) but the welcome and the camaraderie is really what we go ‘up’ to Montreal for time and again, and the city, as much the people, never disappoint.