Fake Marilyn Monroe Still Sells

We all know how important it is to accessorize with our latex couture. Gloves, some metal jewelry, or even a mask (especially a mask these days) can add just the right finishing touches to the look we are going for. This week (tomorrow 7/22, actually) accessories of quite a historical significance, owned by Marilyn Monroe, …


Dear Sweet Lost Marilyn

Thomas “Doc” Kaminski was hired to ‘document’ the making of “The Misfits” movie (his black and whites are stunning against a desert landscape). Make-up artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder became close friends with Monroe and many of his stunning candid shots were on display. The “Color Photographer’s Wonder Boy” Milton Greenehad big posed shots here. Sound engineer and ‘guerrilla’ photographer Lani Carlson had a celebrated picture of Monroe standing in front of a double-her-size top sheet of sheet music bearing her name (and other shots) and photographer Mischa Pelz’s contribution was truly ‘unearthed’ after an earthquake hit Southern California when Pelz’s assistant discovered them in a shoe box!