Rihanna Gets Kinky With Alexander McQueen

The thing with alternative fashion is that, in the mainstream, it does rear its naughty head in loudest of ways. Recall all the controversy over Madonna posing and prancing in what was considered at the time ‘racy’ couture-mostly blindfolds, full black shiny catsuits and long gloves-(like these: https://dawnamatrix.com/shop/accessories/opera-length-gloves/) in her videos for songs like “Human Nature” and “Exotica.” Often celebs lead the charge in what they wear or in their actions…did you hear that Dakota Johnson admitted to stealing her underwear from the set of Fifty Shades, it was so delicious? Or we get little hints of what could really be on a costumers’ or directors’ mind when they slip-in decidedly naughty accessories like a latex leopard cincher that even the most novice latex fashionista notices of.