Dawnamatrix Classics

With all the kink that seems to be coming at us in mainstream culture of late, from celebrity wardrobes and certainly the buzz that Fifty Shades Of Grey birthed (the books then the movie) we realize more than ever before that there is a wide range of wares people could possibly want. Not everyone is familiar with or is looking to purchase jodhpurs or Ben Wa balls, so there has to be alternatives for those looking for alternatives, for the novice and even the well-seasoned fantasy fashionista. Yes, Victoria’s Secret has the angel wings, jewel-encrusted push-up bra contingent covered, still a good many of us want a simple naughty outfit or subtle accessory to add to a good old fashioned sexy wardrobe. We feel that these days, a designer who does what we do, need create outfits from the mild to the wild.