Riding Over Controversy With Jennifer Lawrence and Dior

In the case of this new Dior campaign though whether this was conscious culture robbing (one tends to doubt) or Lawrence and Dior fall into the category of actual appropriation, it comes as no surprise, at the very least, that the fashion designer would use Jennifer Lawrence. She has been the face of the brand now for six years.

Kate Middleton, the BAFTA Awards and the color of our times

Whether it’s wearing all black or adorned with a white rose-although, much to our chagrin, no seeming latex couture ever involved-the color of dresses seem to be of utmost importance when it comes to actresses standing in sartorial solidarity with #MeToo and “Time’s Up.” But at the just passed BAFTA Awards, none other the Kate Middleton did not adhere to the all-black dress code.