All That Twitters Is Not Always Gold…at Hashtag askEL James

It would be hard to argue the success of E.L. James’ trilogy. Not only did the subject matter interest those of us of a more ‘liberal’ dress-up sensibility (one could entertain some kinky fantasies when wearing something like our but the adventures of Anastasia and Mr. Grey took the world by storm. With the release of her new novel Grey, a book that tells the Fifty Shades story from Christian Grey’s point of view rather than that of Anastasia Steele, E.L. James sat for a national Twitter exchange Monday at Granted the nature of Twitter’s shorthand volleys can lead to some spirited and humorous exchanges, but a good percentage of the folks who lobbed questions at E.L. James were a bit snarky to say the least. Twitter followers as much hoped the author would soon get writer’s block, took stabs at the shallow nature of The Fifty Shade characters (one writer compared Anastasia to a blow up doll) and quipped whether E.L. James suddenly wished Twitter came with a ‘safe word’ after all the attacks.