What ISN’T He Wearing; Robin, The Boy Wonder, Is Truly A Wonder In “Grayson”

The re-imagining of a character that ranked #1 in Comic Alliance’s “The 50 Sexiest Male Characters” pole is how often Mr. Grayson is quite James Bond-ian in nature. Gone is the good teen, “Holy” this and that’s for this character who was originally conceived as a younger (and more brightly costumed) counter to the considerably darker Dark Knight. But in “Grayson” the bright costume is replaced-or at least only half used lots of the time-as we see Robin swinging his rather impressive torso (remember he comes from a family of high wire circus performers) this way and that. Spanish based artist Janín actually uses 3D software and human models to aid his rendering fluid physicality needed for this update that is decidedly so sexy.