Heidi Klum Spreads Her Butterfly Wings

Klum’s annual bash, this year presented at Tao Nightclub on Halloween night, is a must-be-seen-scene. Completely covering herself in blue and green, Klum sported an impressive semi-opaque wing span and antennas for this once-a-year bash that always seems to make the big blogs’ lists. And while 2014’s All Hallows saw Kim Kardashian sporting a body suit with a skeleton design rendered across it (reminding us of our own Cthulhu Catsuit), Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady headed out with their kids as a dragon family and Katy Pery managed to step out as a rather unimpressive Cheeto®, when it comes to celebs dressing as butterflies this year we were particularly interested. Butterfly’s lighted on our new Space and Time Collection, represented in a new bodysuit, corset, skirt and vest. It’s a style that interests more than just supermodels for Halloween.