Kansai Yamamoto

In recent years we have seen plenty of fashion designers creating latex costumes, alternative bespoke wardrobe pieces, and signature accessories for some of our most illustrious pop stars. We almost take for granted the marriage of haute couture and pop. And one could argue that Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto was one of the earliest to …


A Rebel’s Jacket Pulls Down Half A Million?

Besieged by superhero movies, we are all well aware of latex couture, PVC, rubber, and leather being the basis of our most recent movie costuming. But there has been styles/wardrobes/make-up and even everyday items worn in Hollywood movies that become iconic above and beyond the possible ‘interesting’ material they are made from. James Dean’s cherry-red windbreaker from Rebel Without a Cause is one such famous movie wardrobe piece. That jacket comes up for action this week.