Ageless In Latex

Another two examples of more mature celebrities wearing latex couture this week prove what we always say about latex….it is for any person, of any age. Fifty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Hurley cavorted for an Instagram photo shoot promoting her new film Strictly Confidential, an “erotic-thriller,” directed by her son Damian. Wearing a lace black top, but most notably a shiny red latex skirt, …


Elizabeth Hurley’s Got Your Number…and that number is 50!

“The Royals” Queen Helena, Elizabeth Hurley has struck a blow, even if she isn’t trying, against ageism simply by being who she is and showing off a little. Let prejudices fall where they may, you can as much rock a latex kimono at age 50 (or beyond) as you can something from Elizabeth Hurley’s couture.