2022 SAG Award STyles

Other than Venus Williams in white Dolce Gabbana over a silver corset, and Jared Ledo in a Gucci wrinkly silk pale blue suit, the outfit that arguably garnered the most attention (said to have “broken” the net most recently) was Lady Gaga’s white column Armani gown.

Al Might Be Napping, But The Styles Didn’t Disappoint at the 78th Golden Globe Awards

Although Cynthia Erivo’s shoes were, without a doubt, fantastic, alternative, and probably more than slightly dangerous to walk in, Laura Dern certainly brought her A-game when it came to her shoe wear. Wearing a tailored Givenchy pantsuit/tux, the Twin Peaks/Big Little Lies actress accessorized in pumps with sharp pointy toes and metallic silver studs all around them.