Zoolander 2

zoolander-5As we all know anyone can be “really, really, ridiculously good-looking” when wearing latex. But being able to pull off such high fashion perfect poise and impeccable wardrobe-wearing on a consistent basis only comes to a rare few. Derek Zoolander manages couture coolness at every turn.

It’s not every day the fashion world gets sees such a comic turn (at least an intended one!), but it very much did in the 2001 comedy classic Zoolander…and will again when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprise their model adversary roles in Zoolander 2. The film’s teaser trailer hit this week-see here-and it is pretty much a hoot…as we all assumed it would be. Ben Stiller’s pucker and that voice he adopts for the character alone make the trailer hilarious.

As you may recall Stiller and Wilson actually walked the runway as their Zoolander characters-Stiller as Derek Zoolander and Wilson as Hansel respectively-during the Valentino finale in Paris this past March (revealing that maybe the fashion world does have a sense of humor). Stiller was ever so careful to keep his signature “Blue Steel” pose at bay, but the actors certainly made quite the impression on a crowd that was as surprised, as thrilled, to see them.

Sequels are a dime a dozen, as we all well know. But if Stiller can catch the wackiness of his surprising hit yet again, Zoolander 2 could be fantastic. God knows, there aren’t so many outright silly films made about the fashion world. But with all the many runway happenings, rock shows married with Victoria Secret Angels and the constant bombardment of models’ selfies posted daily on Instagram designers, models, paparazzi and the fashion intelligentsia in general could use a little ribbing.

Certainly a lady dressed in our Décolletage Catsuit might be a bit intimidating and no one would argue that our Damask Hood might hinder one’s ability to flash a bit of Blue Steel. Still, here at Dawnamatrix we are open to a good silly send-up of our industry and are so looking forward to Zoolander 2.

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