The World Of Wearable Art Features Gemini: The Twins…Again!

We just received an update about our latex wardrobe piece “Gemini: The Twins” on the WOW website. Victoria Crocker was kind enough to explore what went into the creation of our World Of WearableArt Competition award-winning entry in her recent article “Behind the Design: Gemini The Twins” (see here).

Victoria explored the laser-cut construction of our design with Ben and me, and we gave forth best we could about working on what was our third entry into the competition (“Gemini: The Twins” won the Wearable Technology Award in 2017). We talked about utilizing Notan, an ancient and powerful method of balancing black and white sections (as you see from the picture, The Twins are made of black and white latex) for emphasizing detail. We were hoping each viewer would be prompted to a hearty double-take when they took in the design and that the contrasts would stay with them long after they walked away from the piece.

At the time of the “Gemini: The Twins” final creation, we were thrilled with what we had rendered, then further humbled that the garments had made the WOW finals and beyond amazed that we won with it. That we have continued to garner such attention from the piece, in Victoria’s recent article as well as having “Gemini: The Twins” featured as one of a bunch of alternative wardrobe pieces at WOW’s upcoming Te Papa – World of WearableArt – Up Close | Ao KākahuToi – Kia Tata is something we could never have dreamed.

Gemini: The Twins

Indeed, there are a whole host of reasons why a latex designer creates the pieces they do. Unable to lift themselves from influences burning too brightly in their minds, looking to create unique bespoke pieces for a rabid clientele, hoping to earn some affirmation at an international competition of one’s peers; these are all worthwhile pursuits.

The World Of Wearable Art helps so many answer the needs above and so many more, and as always, we thank them for their continued interest in Dawnamatrix Designs.

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