Welcoming In A Very Latex-y New Year

The ubiquitous hunky fireman’s calendar might just get beat in 2018 for one featuring latex models. When one considers what German couple Sarathustra and blende666 are presently unleashing to the world, we all might want to take a step back and consider what’s really cool. Once again the creative couple based in Bochum Germany have managed to present the year ahead in startling sexy display, this year with models wearing that textile art we are all most familiar with and love. Their “YourFeitshYear 2018” is a scrumptious and certainly alternative take on The New Year ahead.

Last year Sarathustra and blende666 presented their Plastification calendar. Spread across 12 tantalizing shots of the months of 2017, models sported plastic wear. Plastification was sponsored by the Lackina label, specializing in plastic wardrobe. In Germany ‘Lack’ translates loosely to mean paint or varnish coating and the plastic wear seen in the photos of last year’s calendar, the wardrobe Lackina produces, is indeed mostly polyurethane-coated nylon.

Plastification sold out fast and was surely quite unlike most calendars produced for 2017.

This year though we get pics of models in their monthly scenes wearing brilliant latex colors. One model poses in head-to-toe blue latex, sporting a gold mask across her face, arms upraised in a column-circled room. Another stands rifle ready in a steampunk latex shot, at the front of an old time locomotive. In another shot we get the mistress in black and her maid in frilly white manning a domestic scene.

The 2018 latex calendar costs 24,90 EUR (just under $30.) and measures 30cm x 42cm. Sarathustra and blende666 printed what really is a full work of art on thick paper with a high gloss matte finish. Sundays here are marked in red.

There really isn’t any better way to see in our impending near future than with some fantasy pictures of models wearing some incredibly rendered latex.

You can find Sarathustra and blende666’s calendar here: https://www.facebook.com/blende666Sarathustra/


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