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Dawnamatrix was formally trained in the art of kimono wearing while living in Japan for many years in rural Takayama City. Fusing the beauty and elegance of kimonos with the sensuality and graphic quality of latex, these kimono patterns reflect authentic kimonos, featuring variable sizing and open sleeve backs for comfort and ease of movement.
Any of the kimonos may be worn with traditional Japanese kimono garments such as naga-juban(under kimono) or authentic obi and accessories. For a more modern look, these latex kimono may also be paired with  latex obi, or your favorite corset or waist cincher.
Please contact us if you have questions about custom orders. We also do latex repairs and custom applique, which is a great way to cover visible repairs or make a simple garment unique.

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1 thought on “Welcome to Dawnamatrix Designs”

  1. Hi Dawn. Met you at the fashion show in Rhode Island, yours was the high point of the night. Absolutely loved your designs. We live just north of Boston and plan to drop into the Statehouse to see the display there. Add us to your mail list. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

    Bob & Farah

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