A New Vincent Peters Exhibition

As we’ve often noted, without the talents of the many photographers we have worked with in our years of latex couture designing, we would not have enjoyed the growth we have. Undoubtedly the models, MUA people, and stylists have contributed to our success just as much. But in a very real sense, for magazines, videos, and surely catalogs, without a fashion photographer there to capture all that happens at the moment, as much as knowing when a moment arrives, we would have been lost.

The work of Vincent Peters, one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers, is presently on exhibit in Milan.

The exhibition, titled “Timeless Time,” has just opened at Milan’s Palazzo Reale and runs until February 26th. Surely one of the masters of black and white photography, having photographed such notables as Ferrari Trento, Charlize Theron, Monica Bellucci, and Emma Watson (all featured in the nearly 100 photos in the new exhibit), the exhibition is promoted by the Comune di Milano-Cultura and Nobile Agency, overseen by Alessia Glaviano, Curator & Head of Global Photovogue, 

Born in Bremen, Germany, in 1969, Peters moved to New York two decades later, seeking work as a photographer’s assistant. Back in Europe in 1995, he first worked for some art galleries while delving into personal projects and four years later began his career at the Giovanni Testino agency. He worked as a fashion photographer at Testino’s, growing a reputation for celebrity portraits and iconic magazine campaigns. In these campaigns, Peters worked with the likes of Armani, Adidas, Dunhill, Guess, Louis Vuitton, and Netflix to scrape just the surface of his impressive portfolio. In addition, his photography has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

You can explore more of Vincent Peters at his website here. He is one photographer who has undoubtedly made a name in fashion and fashion a name for us all. 

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