The Matrix Resurrections’ Couture Plays To Old & New

It would be impossible to ignore the influence the “The Matrix” series has had on modern film making, Keanu Reeves career, and even latex couture and other alternate fashions. On the eve of the latest installment of these films, The Matrix Resurrections, we are all once again being treated especially to the stunning costuming of the series, as this time around the wardrobe acknowledges what has come before as what’s new. 

This fourth entry into the franchise, directed by Lana Wachowski, has costume designer Lindsay Pugh in charge. She takes over from Kym Barrett’s original sleek Y2 K-inspired designs, with some updated twists and color. Reeve’s world-saving “Neo” is dressed again in his traditional black, but sports casuals as much as action attire. This time around, we see him in a simple grey t-shirt, wearing a knit cap with just a knitted trench. Indeed, he is out of this attire soon enough, but not until he goes chasing rabbits and comes to the conclusion he can fly. Carrie-Anne Moss’ “Trinity” sports clothing reminiscent of her motorcycle-riding kick-ass character (again, as the movie progresses), but this time she is wearing a softer Alyx jacket and faded black jeans, the gloss and shine of leather not so in evidence.

So far from the movie’s trailer, it seems Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s version of “Morpheus,” first made famous by Laurence Fishbourne, sports the most color. One scene shows him in an electric blue suit, another in a red robe fighting with Neo in a dojo.

Jessica Henwick’s “Bugs,” a new character to the story, dons a leather jacket, but this is paired with loose Free People pants. The wardrobe here perfectly matches her character’s spunky, ready-for-action disposition.

From new Funko Pops! creations, to one of the movie’s stars, Priyanka Chopra channeling her character “Sati,” costume’s colors, in wearing a bespoke Halpern dress at The Matrix Resurrections premiere last night, and all the above Lindsay Pugh’s updating, we seem to be ready to fall into the matrix again.

The Matrix Resurrections opens in theatres and begins streaming on HBO Max tomorrow.

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